Rhetorical Analysis

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Jack Shakley’s “Indian Mascots- You’re Out” published on the op-ed page of the LA times, he impacted readers about the argument over professional and college sport teams whose mascots are using Native American names. Shakley is the former chair of the Los Angeles city/county Native American Commission. The author describes the history of using Indian mascots and how it hurt a group of people. He wants readers to know that it is necessary to remove Native American names and mascots from college and professional teams. Jack Shakley uses three strategies to present his argument to show his attitude to remove Indian mascots in teams. Shakley begins his essay with his personal experience. Shakley is an Indian himself, he thought “I felt a (misplaced) loyalty to the Indians.”(520). So he bought the Cleveland cap and hurt his mother’s heart by wearing this cap with the Chief Wahoo logo on it. His mother, who fights against Indian stereotypes all her life, felt betrayed. He felt as if he should be loyal to his Indian descent. By the last word “forever”, we know that it makes him believe that...
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