Rhetoric on The Menace of Terrorism

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A rhetorical situation is an instance, scenario or an occurrence which calls for a spoken or written response. According to (Caudill etal 217) a rhetoric situation has three components namely the rhetor, which is the person speaking or writing, the audience and the issue. Other elements include the genre or type and the purpose of the rhetoric.

The following is a rhetoric situation targeting readers in countries affected by terrorism. The purpose is to bring to light the increased acts of terrorism around the world and recommend measures to curb the same. The genre of this rhetoric situation is written.

The Menace of Terrorism

In any instance one would wonder what terrorist seek to achieve when they launch cowardly acts on innocent civilians. While they may be against the policies and the mode of operations of many countries, these beasts should understand that it is not the common citizen who passes laws, decides on policy or determines government actions. They proclaim so much power and victory over innocent lives while they cannot even afford to confront a troop of military. If these weaklings think they are so powerful, why can’t they justify their self proclaimed might by attacking state houses, parliament buildings and other heavily guarded governmental factions?

There has been a rise in terrorist attacks recently around the world and especially in Africa. The most recent incident of terrorist attack in Africa is the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya in which the Al Shabab terror group claimed responsibility (Elbagir, 2013). The inhuman event which involved around 10 gunmen claimed 65 innocent lives a majority of them being pregnant women and children. The terrorists are known to attack places and countries ...

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