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The article “On Being an Atheist” by H.J. McCloskey provides much insight into the atheistic viewpoint. It provides comparison to the opposing theistic perspective pertaining to the existence of God. It argues for the reasons and virtues behind the belief of atheism to prove its superiority over theism as a source of strength. In the essay, McCloskey refers to arguments like the cosmological argument, teleological argument, and arguments from design as proofs. He argues that since there is no evidence to prove these arguments to be true, therefore they aren’t and for that reason the idea of the mere existence of God should be removed from our thinking. McCloskey’s argument is an age-old ploy used by atheists to use logic and emotion to conform individuals to their beliefs, definition of God, and why God should be all-in-all forgotten about.
These proofs may be considered sound by individuals who share their ideas and they can confirm beliefs of a doubting believer, but they are not the origin from which religious belief flourishes. The development of such beliefs like the belief in the existence of God stems from various factors and reasons. One reason could be related back to idea of free will that every human possess allowing them to choose to believe if they do or do not have a majestic creator. Indeed, McCloskey in his arguments against the proofs is right that they do not prove the existence of God or religious beliefs. But, his agreement is inadmissible because the existence of God cannot be proven or disproven given scientific reasoning. Just because there isn’t evidence for existence doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that God is the perfect way to prove the origin of all creat...

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...y and does not present any evidence disproving the existence of God. Being a theist myself, I can only defend my stance on the existence of God based on the knowledge I have acquired. It has been from the knowledge and reading scripture that I view God as the source of all comfort and that He indeed does exist.

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