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In today’s world, it is a difficult thing to escape technology. Although technology has made life easier, it has also made it more sedimentary.
Technology has now ingrained itself in the way we play and in this research paper I will be discussing how technology has affected the way we play. For the research paper I choose the subject of active gaming because playing video games is one of my favorite pastimes. Also as a father, I now see my children showing interest in video games and my concern is the sedimentary nature of these games. In this paper I will be discussing what active gaming is, I will give a brief history of active gaming and finally I will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of active gaming.
Active Gaming Defined

Active gaming is a term given to technology-driven games that bridge the gap between sedimentary video games and physical activity. The tech-driven games or activities require the players to move their bodies in order to control the actions of the game. Active gaming can be divided into three gaming categories: exergaming, interactive fitness and active learning games.

Exergaming or exergames are tech-driven games that require a screen and bears resemblances to video game play. Just Dance 2014 (Ubisoft), is an example of one of the more popular current exergames, another game that needs to be mentioned is Dance Dance revolution (DDR). DDR popularized the exergaming genre. Exergaming may be console based and movement may be tracked by moving accessories or trough the use of a camera. As is the case with the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft’s Kinect, Sony’s Move, the PlayStation Eye or PS4 Camera.
Interactive fitness games require the participants to use their bodies to play the game; also thes...

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...echnology, it can be an affective tool to combat sedimentary forms of play. Technology is here to stay and active gaming has the potential to get children and adults of the couch and engaged in physical forms of play. Active gaming is fun, motivating; it is user friendly, encourages physical play and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Active gaming does come with some valid concerns, those that include; more screen time is not the answer, and active gaming can be expensive. With these concerns the points must be brought up that people are choosing more sedimentary forms of play over traditional forms and with all the choices of active gaming on the market pricing has become less of an issue. To reiterate, active gaming is not the end all be all solution to sedimentary forms of play, it is merely a tool that can be used to get people of the couch and up and moving.