Religious views on organ and tissue donation

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Religious views on organ and tissue donation: A Canadian perspective.

Canada’s organ donation rate despite efforts in recent years hasn’t been growing as much as is expected to grow. (norris, 2011) Even Canada has one of the lowest rates of deceased donors among the industrialized countries. ( The fact is religious concerns can be an important reason that patients or their families decline to donate organs, especially when it comes to organ donation after death. At death’s door, people are extra prudent and it is the time when the issue of faith becomes crucial and families and family’s clergy are likely to get involved. If the religion of donor or his or her family says no to this life-saving practice, then the opportunity of donation may be missed. In some cases families decline to donate because they are unaware of where their religion stands in regards to organ donation and transplantation; and nothing is worse than when a chance to donate an organ is missed because of a false belief. Thus, for organ donation and transplantation to reach optimal levels understanding the perspectives of faith groups is vital. In this paper, viewpoints of all major religions and faith groups in Canada towards organ donation and transplantation are explained. Major religions in Canada are: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. (Transplantation, 2006)


The majority of Christian denominations are in favour of organ donation and transplantation and they call it demonstration of Christian love (Transplantation, 2006). The majority of people in Canada are Roman Catholic and With regards to organ donation and transplantation ...

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