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  • Eastern Orthodox Church

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    Eastern Orthodox Church Behind the elaborate fresco paintings and splendid architecture, Eastern Orthodox Church has played a significant role in the preservation of Christian tradition throughout history. Since the transfer of the imperial capitol of the Roman Empire from Rome to Constantinople, the Eastern Orthodox Christianity has evolved into a distinct branch of Christianity (Steeves). As Timothy Ware, the author of The Orthodox Church, suggests, major intellectual, cultural, and social developments

  • A Lifelong Calling into the Orthodox Christian Church

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    The Orthodox Christian Church holds true to the teachings of Christ as given by Him to His apostles. The Orthodox Christian Church is universal and Orthodox Christians have a faith and doctrine of Jesus Christ Our Lord as Head of the Church. To date, the Orthodox Church teachings promote the central role of youth and children in the mission of the church. Being an Orthodox Christian is a lifelong calling to whoever is baptized and chrismated in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

  • Saint Haralambos Orthodox Greek Church

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    attended a mass at Saint Haralambos Orthodox Greek Church. The church is located in Niles which is a suburb of Chicago on Caldwell Street in between Touhy and Howard Street. The mass I went to was on the Sunday of Orthodox which is known as the first Sunday of Lent where they honor the icons. The most important foundations that are highlighted in Greek Orthodoxy are the Bible and Holy Traditions that have been passed down (“Greek Orthodox Church”). The Greek Orthodox Church believes that the bible is motivated

  • Roman Catholic Church vs Eastern Orthodox Church

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    the split of 1054, the Roman Catholic Church or Western church and the Eastern Orthodox Church or Byzantine church were almost one with each other. The two churches held the same ideals and got along with one another the majority of the time. They had previous splits in the past but they were never a permanent situation because they usually found a solution to their issues and differences. The split between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church in 1054 seemed to have no resolution

  • The Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church

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    The Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church The Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church holds a great belief in the “word-picture” of the church having believers in heaven as well as on earth, spanning time as well as space. The worship is incredibly spiritual and mysterious and a huge amount of incense and candles contribute to this by setting a frightfully heavenly aurora. Much belief relies on traditional methods of the church and what ideas have been passed down through

  • Tolstoy's Three Hermits, His Tradition, and The Russian Orthodox Church

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    Throughout his life Lev (Leo) Nikolayevich Tolstoy struggled with his faith and the teachings of the Russian Orthodox Church. Tolstoy had his own ideas and interpretations of morality, teachings of Jesus, and the nature of God himself. He would implant his ideas, philosophy, and morality into his works. Tolstoy wanted to teach his readers something about how to live your life morally straight. In this paper the theme of the nature of prayer is explored in Tolstoy’s short story Three Hermits. That

  • My Visit to a Greek Orthodox Church

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    I have decided to visit a Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox church. I went alone because I figured that this would not draw too much attention during the service. I tried to find a nearby church that will give the service partially in English. When I found one near me it was my luck that I went at the time when it was all spoken in Greek. The English service was at six in the evening, and the all-Greek service started at ten in the morning. So to my discouragement

  • Orthodox Catholics And The Catholic Church

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    Orthodox Catholics - Orthodox Catholics are the most devout members of the Catholic Church. They adhere to the Church’s teachings rigorously by regularly participating in Church practices and rituals such as attending mass and other catholic ceremonies. They are fully immersed in the institutional life of the Church. Their Catholic identity is publicly manifested in their social, political, and economic life. Their social structure is almost entirely based around the church’s teachings, as well as

  • The Importance Of The Roman Catholic Church And The Orthodox Church

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    The Roman Catholic Church is a religious community that is similar to the Orthodox Church. The Roman Catholic Church has what they call mass every Sunday. Also known as a church service, and this is a tradition that they have been doing ever since the Catholic Church first started in 1054 A.D. According to Wittberg P. “The fundamental reason for entering a Roman Catholic religious order was to strive for spiritual perfection.” The primary goals of the Roman Catholic Church is to pray or grow spiritually

  • All Saint’s Orthodox Church Field Research

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    changed my mind twice along the way before I decided that the All Saints Orthodox Church was the site that I was truly interested in. I grew up Christian, and for the longest time knew only of the denomination in which my family and I practiced. I could not tell someone the difference between Methodist and Roman Catholic, or any other denomination for that matter. It was this that sparked my interest in learning about the Orthodox Church. I wanted to broaden my knowledge on Christianity and the denominations