Religion: The Role Of Religion In Elizabethan England

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Religion has always been and probably always will be a huge part of the majority of society’s life, dictating their every thought and action. Politics, communication, education, it’s all affected by religion. People’s opinions and views are shaped based on religious texts and speeches, and our laws are too. It’s everywhere we look within the modern world and it is not about to go away, and even back in Elizabethan England religion was a major part of the people’s lives.
Christianity is the belief that a jewish man named Jesus was the son of god and that he is the 2nd part of the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. The Christians believe that faith in the man would grant “everlasting life”. After Jesus’ death in the year 30, his followers began to preach throughout the Mediterranean world and even the Roman emperor Constantine was …show more content…

The two major religions of Christianity during the Elizabethan era were Catholic and Protestant, and even though both groups were Christian and seemingly similar to an outsider, to someone on the inside the religions were so separate and different that it resulted in numerous deaths (Alchin). At the beginning of the 16th century, Protestants emerged from the ashes of a rebellion against Catholicism (Ashby 44). The rebellion was sparked by a man named Martin Luther, a priest from Germany who posted his objections to the Catholic church publically. He started Protestantism, the religion of the protestors of the Catholic faith, for those who wanted to go back to using the Bible as the guide to

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