Relationships in About a Boy by Nick Hornby

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The statement "The relationships in our lives are one of the main reasons why we function as human beings.” In this text About a Boy by Nick Hornby there are elements where relationships between characters help them develop and without these relationships these characters would not be able to 'grow'. The relationship between will and Marcus and also the relationship between Marcus and Ellie proves how relationships in our lives are the reason that we function as human beings.

A significant relationship in this text is the relationship between will and Marcus, will and Marcus develop a relationship throughout the text that help them function as human beings. Both characters need this relationship because will has no purpose for his life and Marcus needs the support from a male figure. Will is a 36 years old male who is single, selfish, Immature, is looking for single parents to take advantage of. Marcus on the other hand is a 12 year old boy, lives with his single mum, is bullied, abandoned by his friends, and finds it hard to fit in. These two characters are completely different in all aspects, but this only brings them closer. Will is reluctant to commit to a relationship and so when he finds Rachael who is just as reluctant as himself he has to start lying to her about him having a child so he can join a single parents group called SPAT, this is how Marcus is introduced to Will. Wills first impression of Marcus are that he is “weird kid”(Pg 46), he also thinks that Marcus acts older than he actually is whereas Will is an immature adult and people believe that he is just a child in a grownups body. As the text progresses the relationship that Marcus and will establish grows stronger and stronger. Because Marcus has no father f...

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..., Ellie was famous. She was scary to the other kids at school, because she stood up for her own rights by being a rebel, for instance by refusing to take of the Kurt Cobain t-shirt, which she wasn't allowed to wear. Ellie was cool, and the meeting between Ellie and Marcus is the second, but biggest turning point of Marcus' miserable life. As mentioned, Nirvana is a band that Will also listened to. It makes a hidden connection between him and Ellie, which both are described as cool characters.

Relationships in our lives are one of the main reason that we function as human beings, this statement is portrayed in this text and the relationships that are formed between characters are important aspects of proving the statement. The relationship that will has with Marcus and then forms with Ellie help him develop as a character and also help him function as a human being.
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