Theme Of Father And Son In The Kite Runner

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A father like figure necessary in a child’s development. A bond a connection so admired and praised after, not always will love be given, filled with hatred and pain in one 's heart. The relationship with a father and a son will guide one through the rough, tough, and right from wrong. The author in, The kite runner uses the emotional relationship between father and son to reveal the necessity of a father like figure. Who needs this relation well we have Baba and Amir, Sohrab and Amir, Hassan and Sohrab. “If someone were to ask me today whether the story of Hassan, Sohrab, and me ends with happiness, I wouldn’t know what to say.”

To start of, the awkward relationship betwixt the protagonist, Amir, and Baba,his father as well as the circumstances …show more content…

“Like father like son” is a well known expression that holds true for many father and son relationships; yet this is not the case for Baba and Amir. The term father and son relationships, the father is a very important role model for his son, and everybody needs a fatherly figure. For one Babe isn’t there for Amir as a result that he is nothing like his father. In The Kite Runner Baba speaks to his business friend Rahim khan about his son and why aren’t they similar. “He’s always buried in those books or shuffling around the house like he’s lost in some dream I wasn’t like that”. Baba seems angry but actually isn’t, his son turned about to be a distinctive individual he just wants his son to carry his name,his business and hopefully his macismo. Babe feels very distant from his son and can’t see any connection between the two. The only hope he has that they are related is Amir coming “out of” Baba’s wife: “If I hadn’t seen the doctor pull him out …show more content…

Hassan and Sohrab is completely set aside to Amir’s relationship with Baba, and their family acts as a foil to Amir’s, promoting the theme of the necessity of an empathetic father. Hassan listens to his son,enjoys spending time with him, and plays with him. He takes his son’s feelings into account. Sohrad has a strong connection with his father and enjoys his early years spent with Hassan. While Amir’s early childhood was spent trying to get his father 's attention while also trying to find ways to make him proud of him. He tries his best to make a bond with his father while Sohrab’s bond is organic and natural. Sohrad has his father’s love and affection and does what he is told while Amir constantly strives without success for his father’s love. This leads to him carrying on bad decisions.These two father-son relationship hassan is foil to Baba while Sohrad is a foil to Amir. Both Baba and Hassan are strong and brave men who stand up for what they believe is right in the world. For example Babe puts his life at risk trying to save a woman from rap by a soilder. “Tell him I’ll take a thousand of his bullets before I let this indecency take place”. Same thing goes for Hassan, when he went to go get a kite for Amir. Hassan runs the losing kite for Amir, then finds himself in a situation rap, mine while Amir made a choice to put

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