Relationship Between Marriage And Marriage

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Growing up, marriage had never been something that was a topic of conversation until the middle school stage. Around that age is the time where boys and girls start experimenting with dating. The phrase “I love you” would slip out a little too early in the relationship, and the “let’s get married” thought would come in right after that. Then there were people like me who would hear those words fall from a boy’s mouth, and then we would roll our eyes. Not every girl seeks a relationship, because some of us do not see the point in having a man do things that we are capable of doing ourselves. However, most woman dream of walking down a church aisle in a pearl white dress to the song “Here Comes the Bride.” In fact, some girls agree to getting married to a man they might not last with, simply because a wedding sounds appealing to have. Society is slowly degrading the commitment that is associated with marriage. Cases like these are the reason that marriages never last anymore. Marriage has lost its meaning throughout the years. As I walk through the grocery store, it seems that the he...
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