Disadvantages Of Delay Marriage

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delay marriage” (Huang et al., 2011, p. 892). Men feel like cohabitation creates challenges concerning their social activities, choice of friends, sexual freedom, and personal space Also, cohabitation to woman was viewed as a transitional arrangement that will proceed to marriage with the same partner; whereas, men thought cohabitation was not connected to marriage and that is was just a temporary state. Young couples who cohabitate recognize the benefits of cohabitation, motives of cohabitation, and gender differences of cohabitation. Future outcomes of a couple, positive or negative, may depend on the age that the couple decides to live together and the age that the couple gets married at. Many couples relationships who are young when they…show more content…
As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, younger ages of partners who corriside and marry do link to divorce rates. Although, some other factors research has identified has correlated to divorce rates as well. A lack of commitment seems to the answer to what is driving this effect of divorce. The Berkley Science Review stated, “Couples who are already engaged to be married when they move in together do not experience the same detrimental effects as those who become engaged after they cohabitate” (“The Cohabitation”, 2014). Couples who are engaged to be married before they move into together have better communication skills, more confidence in marriage, stronger relationship quality, and fewer negative interactions. Therefore, couples who live together before marriage have poorer relationship outcomes than couples who live together that are engaged or married. The first factor to why premarital cohabiters have an increased risk of divorce is because they are “sliding into their marriages”, formally this is known as relationship inertia. This means that the couple simply gets married because they were living together (“The Cohabitation”, 2014). Partners find it complicated to end the relationship before marriage because of all their investments made into the relationship, for instance, all the energy, time, and money. The Marriage Today website backs up exactly…show more content…
According to the Journal of Marriage and Family, it notes that “Cohabitation is now a normative and accept-able union for young adults, in part because of delays in first marriage and the prolongation of young adulthood” (Guzzo, 2014, p. 826). The article goes on to discuss how cohabitation is an alternate to marriage in which explains why there are delays in the first marriage. As introduced in other research articles, many young adults share a highly unstable relationship as cohabiters, so complications may also postpone a marriage. Even though cohabitating can have many complications, it still has a growing diversity in society (Guzzo, 2014). A resource from a book titled Cohabitation proposes that “In the United States, the majority of young adults perceive cohabitation as an acceptable arrangement, and by age 25, nearly half have spent some time in a cohabiting relationship” (Treas, 2014, p. 217). This statistic evidently proves that premarital cohabitation is becoming more common because it is important and desirable to partners before marriage. A third resource proposed that premarital cohabitation still has cons along with pros reliant on the couple’s purpose to cohabitate. Researchers during this study identified five discrete perceptions that young adults endorse regarding a period of their life

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