Relations between Mexico and The United States

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Relations between Mexico and The United States

“Poor Mexico, so far from God, and so close to the United States.”

-Pofirio Diaz

Mexico is one of the most populated and industrialized of the third world nations, yet it remains very impoverished in comparison to it’s northern neighbor. Recently Mexico has been the third largest trading partner of the United States, has become an important exporter of petroleum and plays a pivotal role in the politics of the region. Yet Mexico is frequently treated with neglect and misunderstanding by the United States. This treatment is why Mexico is hesitant about United States influence and investment in Mexico. While many foreign countries acknowledge the United States as a protectorate and a blessing, Mexico sees the United States as a problematic source. The idea of the United States overshadowing Mexico was best stated in Pofirio Diaz’s famous quote. From the Pofiriato up until today Mexico is still in the shadows of the United States; but with the creation of NAFTA the intentional distance between the United States and Mexico has begun to close.

Pofirio Diaz’s quote is a good representation of Mexican sentiments towards its northern neighbors. In his quote he makes a comparison between being far from God and close to the United States. While this quote probably had the intensions of being used to portray the point that Mexico is close to the United States and is overshadowed by them,

it adds the contrast of being far from God. While the reference to God is representative of good, then in contrast, the United States can be interpreted as an evil. During the Pofiriato when this quote was said, Mexico was trying to become more modernized by opening their econom...

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... such a large border with the United States has created problems for their own country, in the past few years Mexico has begun to change this point of view. Mexico now believes their proximity to the United States is an asset and that “Mexico is the envy of almost any other country in the world for being the neighbor to the United States.” (Rice) Mexicans do not completely trust the United States and there is still to some effect an “anti-gringo” sentiment, but Mexico has learned to prosper from their position and not fight it. The public in the United States changed their attitude towards Mexico, but there is still a feeling that the U.S. is superior. “Only recently, with NAFTA has Mexico begun to revamp its formerly insular and defensive stance vis a vis the outside world. Only recently has the U.S. begun to view Mexico with newfound respect and interest.”

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the relationship between mexico and the united states, stating that mexico is impoverished in comparison to its northern neighbor.
  • Analyzes pofirio diaz's quote as a good representation of mexican sentiments towards its northern neighbors.
  • Analyzes how pofirio diaz believed that if mexico wanted to obtain foreign investment, they would have to portray an image of prosperity and peace.
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