Relational Model Of Aggression

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Aggression is defined as the overt behavior with the intention of inflicting harm upon another individual. There are various types of aggression such as defensive, impulsive, maternal, dominance related aggression, and various other types. There are two changing view of aggression: the individual and relational model. The individual model accounts for the various factors that act on the individual that influences aggression and emphasizes the idea that any individual can be aggressive under proper conditions. In contrast, the relational model claims that aggression is a component of competition and negotiations. Much like other feelings, there are proper circumstances that individuals will present their aggression depending on the social norms,
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Aggression is dependent on the individual’s thoughts and goals or certain social situations. Some functions of aggression may have been useful or acceptable in animals or in the past, however many of these forms have become less desirable in society depending on the level of aggression and context. For example, in times of survival, the goal to use physical force to take resources from others. Sometimes aggression may be used against same-sex rivals for the access to the same resources or the competition for mates. Men and women both derogate their same-sex rivals, impugning their status and reputation to make them less desirable to members of the other sex.
However, these reasons may not be acceptable in society, such as being physically aggressive towards a spouse to deter them from sexual infidelity. Adaptive aggression emphasizes the protection of integrity and survival; however, maladaptive is not aimed at protection kin or self-defense.
Maladaptive Nature of
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