Rehabilitation vs. Punishment Goals of Prisons

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Rehabilitation vs. Punishment Goals of Prisons

In this essay I will focus on whether law offenders sent to prison

should be rehabilitated, punished or both. In my opinion I have a

fairly bias view towards punishing the criminal as I feel that people

do not have to be deviant yet some chose to be; however I will discuss

both usefulness of rehabilitation and the disadvantages of this.

With doing research for this essay I noticed that the majority of

crimes were committed by the poorest of society (tend to be more of

the unemployed council house families) and such crimes committed by

this part of society is frowned upon; yet a crime committed by someone

higher in the social hierarchy is most uncommon (yet it does happen

perhaps its not publicised as much due to the whole Marxist theory of

the bourgeoisies exploiting the people below). The work of Clarke and

Mayhew can help support this idea because they believed that

delinquency are results of choice. With this in mind this theory from

Clarke and Mayhew is an excellent perception of how crime is committed

and is one reason as to why I think prisons should be to punish as

offenders should not be allowed a second chance. I feel that the

crimes committed which causes any inconvenience to other humans such

as murder, G.B.H, rape and stealing from others should result in

capital punishment however as capital punishment is not used nowadays

in the united kingdom I feel that criminals committing such crimes

should be locked up with no luxuries and should not even be allowed

such privileges as exercise.

Attached to this essay is an article from the BBC which shows the

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... to be taken from some methods which will most likely result in taxes

unless its funded through an organisation or voluntary work through

interactionalism counsellors, who may decide to aid prisoners as they

feel they would like to play some part in helping prisoners conform.

If we our living in a post modern world then the theory "anything

goes" would justify that there may be fewer criminals in prison

because justice may not always prevail. Furthermore the best option

available I feel would be to find a suitable balance between

rehabilitating and punishing, as this would offer an incentive not to

commit crimes if the punishment was severe resulting in the prisoner

never wanting to be a non-conformist; and rehabilitating them allows

them to "better" themselves by educating themselves and learning about