Capital Punishment Removes Rehabilitation from Incarceration

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Capital Punishment Removes Rehabilitation from Incarceration Capital Punishment refers to the sentence or decision to a capital crime such as murder, rape, or assault. Many times, the sentence is life in prison or execution. Currently, the United States is the only western democracy that still has execution on the books. An alternative to execution is life imprisonment, which is common throughout the world. There are many features, however of life imprisonment that are debated. Treatment of offenders of capital crimes is questionable in certain prisons. Also, the safety of society is a question at hand when discussing life imprisonment assuming the prisoner could be up for parole or escape. Lastly, the rehabilitation process of offenders of capital punishment is a big question mark. Many wonder what success it brings, just how effective it really is, and what its purpose is for criminals who've committed such horrible crimes as homicide, or other capital crimes. The Article "The Wrong Man" by Alan Berlow points out some of the wrongs about the death penalty. There are numerous stories of men who spent their life on death row, only to be released days or hours before their death because of being proved innocent. In his article Alan talks about "the growing number of innocent prisoner being discovered on death row" and how the government needs to "wake up"(Berlow 7). This means that more and more cases are being rushed to execution without all of the facts. Remember, in order to give a sentence, the client must be guilty beyond reasonable doubt, and it seems that this is sometimes ignored as unclear cases are being pushed by officers and lawyers to executions. Another p... ... middle of paper ... ...verage of at least 75% of their sentence, a drastic improvement over the years. Rehabilitation services like this seem a good idea, helping society that much, so services liek this one should be popping up in other parts of the country soon. This rehabilitation is exactly what the U.S Catholic Bishops mean when they say it is the most important part of prison. Bibliography: Works Cited Ahlers, Julia and Michael Wilt. Christian Justice: Sharing God's Goodness. Winona: Saint Mary's Press, 1995. 30- 40. Berlow, Alan. "The Wrong Man." Atlantic Monthly. Nov. 1999. Erskine, Michael. "Dozens of Killers in Medium Security." The Commercial Appeal. June 1999: A1. O'Neill, Heather. "Programs Offering Alternatives..." Connecticut Post. August 1999. Pilcher, James. "Inmates Enjoy New Quarters: Tents." The Associated Press News Service. August 1999.
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