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Reflective Essay
Writing an essay is not one of my strengths when it comes to learning English as my second language. I am not fond of writing an essay because I had minimal experience back in high school. Knowing that I have little experience when it comes to writing, I hesitated to sign up for English 211, but I ended up enrolling. In the small time that I am in the class, I had to write five different types of essays. I had to write two character analysis essays, a personal or academic challenge essay, an argumentative essay, and a reflective essay. Writing five different essays within few weeks was challenging. Through the process of writing these essays and with the help of my professor and my peers, I have learned how to organize my ideas,
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Not to mention that in my second essay, I also was not able to proofread it either before submitting it. The sad part about it is that I had all the time in the world to proofread my essay and make it perfect. The result was that when my professor handed back the essay, I saw all his marks that I could have edited if I proofread it. This crushed me, for some of the mistakes I made were simple. My professor also commented that I needed to proofread my essay before submitting it. After this experience, I made sure that I have time to proofread in-class essays and to always proofread essays before submitting them. Reading my essay over and over again is tiring. However, by proofreading my essay, I would have the chance to edit mistakes. This lesson helped me be a better writer by catching mistakes that can confuse my readers. Proofreading made me improve my main idea if I have to, edit a faulty sentence, add commas if I had to and helped me make my essay as flawless as it can…show more content…
This class taught me that writing is easier when I organize my thoughts and write an outline before writing. In addition, my usage of commas, conjunctions, and concessive words improved, which helped me convey my ideas easier for the reader. Lastly, this class taught me to proofread and edit before submitting my paper that helped me improve my grades. This class was challenging for me, but it made my writing skills better. Mistakes that I did gave me a reason to improve myself for the next level of writing. Despite all of the good progress I made by taking this class, I still have to make more improvements to make myself a better writer. One of the improvements that I have to do is my grammar skills. Improving my grammar skills a bit more would make my essay easier for the readers to understand. Constructing a better sentence is also one of the things I should work on. I still have the tendency to construct a confusing sentence that I also get confuse on when I read it. People always say that practice makes it perfect, and that is what I am going to do. I am going to keep on writing and use the things that I learn to improve my writing skills. By practicing to write and making mistakes, I would learn different things that would improve my writing even
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