Reflective Essay On Macbeth

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This semester was challenge for me one because is the last English class that I need to took to transfer to San Francisco State and able to write Shakespeare was for me little complicated but I try to do the best I could. One the Stopping by Wood on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost it is very complex and can have multiple interpretations but was more easy when you explain each words and paragraph from the poem and understand what the author express. So writing the poem was an exciting experience, and I feel like I answered the question well. However, I encountered a few challenges when writing the essay. One of the challenges was the introduction and conclusion. I do not think that my introduction gives a proper transition to the first paragraph…show more content…
However, in coming up with the paper, I have struggled in an attempt to evaluate the critic thought and stylistic devices employed in the play “Macbeth” written by Shakespeare. I am aware that the two should fit seamlessly into the section but have a feeling that the critics have concentrated on exploring the success of the play towards the compelling portrayal of the themes explored. I do not feel that I have adequately pointed out this bias in the literature review and wish I had taken more time exploring the subject in the…show more content…
I learn that book form Shakespeare you really need to understand what the author wan to said and find in the dictionary different definition for one word. Macbeth was the most difficult essay that I make in my life so far so I was happy when I return it the paper because I don’t want to deal with that anymore. I wish I had taken the substantive time to polish my essay. I feel that I have accomplished a major objective by reviewing critic writings but feel bad that I did not make use of my critic abilities so as to give the paper a much more balanced feel. In my last essay about short stories I was thought that was more essay but was little bit complicate on the realist also I chose a theme which I think made it hard to relate elements of magical realism to it directly. There are plenty of themes of magical realism, but I could write paragraphs on how they related to transformation. However, I should have chosen a different theme. I feel confident about my work because I worked hard to introduce my essay and tried to write full paragraphs. Additionally, there is a good transition between paragraphs. I struggled to connect between the elements of magical realism with the themes and motifs found in the short story. I tried to explain about what magical realism entails as well as the themes that have been used in the story. But, it was somehow difficult fo me to draw a correlation between Marquez’s
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