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According to The Norton Introduction to Literature by Kelly J. Mays magic realism is “a type of fiction that involves the creation of a fictional world in which the kind of familiar, plausible action and the characters one might find in more straightforwardly realist fiction coexist with utterly fantastic ones straight out of myths or dreams. (pgA7)” So basically magical realism is an unexpected alteration of reality. With that being said there are some characteristics that readers can observe while reading such stories. Some characters include but are not limited to; an "irreducible" magic which cannot be explained by typical notions of natural law, a realist description that stresses normal, common, every-day phenomena, which is then revised by the marvelous, extreme or amplified states of mind or setting are often used to accomplish this, it causes the reader to be drawn between the two views of reality, and time is both history and the timeless; space is often challenged; identity is broken down at times (Lois Parkinson and Wendy B. Faris). Magical realism is a method that blends supernatural and real events together to make the supernatural seem real. Another way to look at magical realism is to view them as fairy tales with the exception that they don’t provide a moral lesson. In the story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez there are a few times where magic really stands out to the reader. One of the major themes in his story is the supernatural. Two of the supernatural occurrences are the old man with wings and a girl who was turned into a spider. Most of us have a vivid view on how angels should look at that is that they should be beautiful and elegant, the “angel” in the story is the opposite,... ... middle of paper ... ...become. Marquez shows us that we are given the opportunity to explore with our imagination what we would do when faced with a similar situation. Although, no man with wings is going to fall from the sky he’s comparing that to the opportunities that we get on a daily basis. Also the angel’s patience and putting up with how he was being disrespected and mistreated can be compared to how we at time are disrespected or we’re mistreating others around us. When the angel grew more feathers and felt the winds breeze he flew away, Elisenda watched through her kitchen window until she could see nothing but an empty sky also reflects how things come into our life and in an instant they’re gone. This is why magical realism is very significant in A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings because it allows the readers to question their life and enter a place full of magic and mystery.

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