Reflection Paper On Practicum Activities

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Practicum Activities, Learning and/or Reflections My practicum to most people would seem repetitive: go over patients charts, see a couple of patients in the morning, go to interdisciplinary rounds and see a couple of more in the afternoon. However, to me it is one of the most challenging jobs I have ever had and one of the most satisfying. Everyday I am learning how to be more professional with my writing, communication, and my interaction with peers and patients. My field instructor’s Jeff and Chris are always challenging me to write more professional and clinical in my notes. Learning how to be precise and efficient in my writing skills has always been a challenge for me and I respect them for this. Even though learning how to write effectively is important, it is also essential to learn how to…show more content…
Watching Chris and Jeff communicate with the Doctors, Nurses and other members of the interdisciplinary team has really made me think about how to advocate for clients and how I interact with peers. Effective verbal communication is important especially when you are dealing with many systems that are overlapping in order to provide the best care possible to our patients. Therefore, if you do not communicate well with one system it could hinder a client’s ability to recovery. One thing I have learned in my practicum is that many systems affect a patient / client recovery. As a social work student, we learn about theories however, we really do not get a chance to see it in action or how it affects our clients in many different ways. The one theory that I can see plays a big part in a person
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