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I. Overview of Group’s Work My dyad partner was Alyssa Johnson. She appears to be very quiet; however, that is just not the case. It is not what I learned. Alyssa has opinions and is also soft spoken. Alyssa has a wealth of knowledge and seems like a natural functioning social worker. Working with her was one of my best experiences with group work. We both were busy with school, work, and she is married. With all that packed into our schedule, all of our assignments were manageable to perform. We did research on a social problem and chose suicide. A. Impression of Topic for group Suicide is an important topic but is also hard to cover for most. This is due to cultural ties we have associated with the thought of suicide. I have…show more content…
Impression of overall group collaboration Being with Alyssa was awesome. She is a great partner and balance to what I bring to the table. I bring a lot of organization accompanied by some innovation. Alyssa the same, is very detailed and organized; however, she brought fresh, inquisitive, and intellectual ideas. Alyssa made my fascinations become more relative to the real. I am the dreamer and she is the…show more content…
We got a lot accomplished when we could meet with everything she had and life and that I did. We later reflect on how it may have been helpful to have dyad discussion during class. Even to incorporate step-by-step revision of dyad assignments while having a group activity for the day. B. Impression of Member Participation/ Collaboration Despite her many obligations, she was great at what she did. She added much intellectual value to work. Seeing how she handle pressures as a young woman, being the same age as me, married, and assistant manager at her job, was very enlightening. Alyssa handled a lot of the rearranging of ideas and allowing my fantasies to become some form of fact. III. Reflection on individually Written Group Paper This group paper allowed me to reflect ton things that were not so obvious. The things that I learned through interaction and presence. I gained an intimate bond with Alyssa I am sure I can take into my personal life and graduate school endeavors. She is genius at what she does. I am sure she will be a program developer or director of some valuable organization. This paper was useful because it caused me to be reflective and honest about the entire process. As I also felt confident to mention what I think may have helped my dyad’s

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