Reflection Paper On College Experience

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The UIC Faculty member that I interviewed was Melissa Korkmaz, my TA from Chemistry. I decided to interview her because since she is the TA from Chemistry, I wanted to know more about her college experience due to the fact that I too, will be majoring in the science field. I chose these particular questions because I wanted to know how her college experience was and how she was able to manage her time wisely with studying and being able to have the college experience. During the interview process, in order for me to be able to interact with the faculty and staff from UIC, I learned that if I have any questions about college that I should be comfortable in asking them. I should not be shy because since I’m the first from my family to attend…show more content…
I was taking chemistry, calculus, and biology. I had a few more but I don’t really remember. But the thing is it was very different from high school. In High school you would just study what you had to study and you would easily get the A and when I started college that was what I was doing. And then I realized, “wait a second that’s not the right thing you’re suppose to study at least two weeks ahead before the exam sometimes one week before the exam won’t be enough”. I had to change my study skills because in high school you think you’re really good at something and then you go to college and you’re like “What just happened to me, I was really good what’s happening?” So I realized that your job is now to be a student, night and day you have to be…show more content…
I was a biology major but I didn’t like it. I hated the class size, the class sizes stays the same. And then sophomore /Junior year I was transitioning into math because I really liked math. So then during junior year I switched into chemistry because I noticed that my grades where a lot better. It took me a while to realize, I was constantly taking chemistry classes throughout the four years. 8.) Why did you decide to come to UIC for grad school? Well first because its closer to home and also finance. I received a lot of scholarships and what I like about UIC is the fact that it’s so diverse, I have the chance to see different points of views and not just be focus on one. And plus, I love the city. It feels like home. 9.) What advice would you give me since I’m a
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