Reflective Essay On Externship

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For my externship I worked at Heshima, a center takeing care of physically and mentally challenged children, for 20 hours. The highlights of my experience were; successfully getting into the organization blindly, being able to work alongside the Heshima employees and watching Nelly, the headmistress’s way of doing things. She, being the head of the school used a method of leadership I had not seen before.
Getting into Heshima and engaging in their day to day tasks was a new experience for me. The few times I had joined a new organization, I knew exactly what my duties were. For the externship experience, all I knew was that it was recommended I use the opposite of my learning style. This added to the anxieties I already had about going to a new place. Throughout the experience, I listened to myself and I was relieved to realize I was enjoying myself. Without the burden of trying to remember what I knew about the activity I was engaging in and comparing theory to the hands on experience, I discovered that it took less time if I got it right the first time. On the other hand, observing Nelly work was fascinating. Unlike other mangers/leaders
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Reading about savant leadership was an eye opener for me because I understoond that in savant leadership, the leader put others first and he/she needs the ability to interact with his/her subjects and give them an opportunity to give their opinions. Servant leaders are motivated by their need to serve and not power; they are not power hungry. Being in Heshima and working at the school was also a learning experience in itself. I learnt that using different styles is beneficial. I used the accommodating style, which resulted in me learning how to make a necklace, how to give a massage to the children and many other day to day activities in the school. I leant that coupling reading with experiential learning is the best way of learning for it maximizes my
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