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College is a wonderful experience that only a few get to expose to. Any four year university offers a great opportunity for anyone; either for the diverse rich culture college campuses offer, or the hundreds of organizations and the thousands of connections that can offer one person. In the real world today a college degree is almost “required” for any career or a good stable job. Few necessities in America are cheap or free. For example: water, health insurance, and welfare are just to name a few. Public education is on this list of free necessities in America. Coming from a person who went through the public education system for 14 years, I loved my experience and did not take it for granted. My school district wasn’t the best, but it sure wasn’t the worst. I enjoyed my time in public education and I made lifelong friends that I will never forget. My experience on the collegiate level so far has been amazing as I am on the path of accomplishing my goal to my dream career. Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same statement. A lot of people…show more content…
The sad truth is that almost everybody is affected. In the society we live in today, jobs require you to have at least an associate’s degree. Low level paying jobs are even requiring you to have some college experience. College is turning into a “must have” situation for a lot of people. Due to the growth of population and technology, students now have competition around the whole planet. Speaking about global competition, college some European countries is free. It is insane how we call the United States of America “land of opportunity”, but European nations have took initiative to offer free or extremely cheap price for college. This is very unfair to American citizens to pay thousands of dollars for college and European students pay little to nothing. The people who are to blame are the universities and the department of education in