Analysis Of Socrates's View On Death

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Socrates discusses that people should not fear death because we do not know the qualities of death. Even though we do not know what death is, he makes some suggestions for the possibilities after death. He suggests that maybe death is just an endless sleep without dreaming, it is where we can finally come to peace with ourselves. He also suggest that maybe in the afterlife he will be able to meet heroic people in the past, where he can share his experience and question people to see whether they are wise. Even in death Socrates is still going to practice philosophy even if the place is bad. Even if he did not live a just life that he thought he did, he can examine what he did wrong and fix the problems in the after life. I agree with Socrates…show more content…
Socrates states, “death may not in fact prove the greatest of all blessings for mankind; but people fear it as if they knew it for certain to be the greatest of evil”. I agree with Socrates that we don’t know what death is, and it is possible for death to be a good thing. There is not a definite answer to what death feels like or what happens after you die. Even when we ask people about death, we are going to get infinite ideas about death. If we do not know about death then why fear something we do not know. We also cannot decide whether death is actually considered “evil”. There are many circumstances that people may think that it is better for a person to die than to live. In medical practices there is term known as euthanasia, which is intentionally ending a life in order to relive pain or medical assisted suicide. We cannot determine whether it is a bad for a person to die because this may actually end their…show more content…
He is saying that if we fear death or to live our life a certain way then we won’t accomplish anything. If we wake up everyday, and we are scared of not getting into our dream job, then we are not going to even try to do what it takes to get that job. Socrates states” Wherever a man has taken up a position because he considers it best, or has been posted there by his commander, that is where I believe he should remain, steadfast in danger, taking no account all of death or of anything else rather than dishonor.” Socrates is trying to show if we examine that what we think something is the best option in life then we need to take that course of action, even in cases where we risk dying or getting hurt it doesn’t matter. We should be living a life without fear of dying because if we didn’t we wouldn’t be living our life to the fullest. When we live our life to the fullest that means that we will have no regrets about the things we do while we are live. Socrates comes to accept this when he tells that truth in court instead of getting sympathy from the jurors. Socrates states “I have no regrets about defending myself as I did; I should far present a defence and die, than live by defending myself in that other fashion”. Even if we are scared about our future, we shouldn’t stop living our

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