Socrates In The Apology And 'The Allegory Of The Cave'

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If Socrates were put on trial today it would be much like his trial in Athens, most likely put on trial for the same reason of some citizens resenting him for his deeds of making them seem foolish. Upon living within our society, he would have had a grasp of what we value and want from life. Knowing about what his view of our society would most likely be, I believe that Socrates would defend himself and make a statement to our society by explain to us, are we only resent him due to our arrogance as found in the Apology and The Allegory of the Cave, how we must change our ways as a society by properly prioritizing our efforts to seek wisdom as seen in his conversation with Meno, and will refute how any punishment we could give him will not…show more content…
Arrogance in his words is shown to be “of supposing that one knows what one does not know” (Apology, 29b). What he is saying is that arrogance is when someone thinks themselves to know a thing they don’t which is what many people do. He would continue to state how because of this we will become hurt or feel as if our reality is threatened and thus we come to put him on trial to stop him because we feel as if we will lose everything. His view of us being hurt and arrogant has been already highly evidenced in the entire writing of the Allegory of the Cave. Though more specifically on page three of the Allegory of the Cave, “Men would say of him that up he went and down he came without his eyes; and that it was better not even to think of ascending; and if any one tried to loose another and lead him up to the light, let them only catch the offender, and they would put him to death.” What he would be stating is that, much like the prisoner was freed, when he would attempt to free the others they would not want to leave their reality much like our society which is putting Socrates on trial for trying to destroy our realities. All this in an effort to explain him and change our ways, he would most likely continue on to specify ways we must change in our…show more content…
This quote can be used to argue what kind things he would say to our society by providing an example of what his beliefs are. He is saying that once we can only become philosophers we will be able to stop indulging ourselves with our senses and only use them when necessary. Socrates point view of philosophy is when one wants to acquire prudence and irrefutable truth, which was discussed in a classroom community among classmates, simply when wants continuously want to learn and can never be satisfied with what they know. By learning, what Socrates means is our soul 's recollecting knowledge that body hinders the soul from remembering. This is seen in Meno where Socrates shows Meno how a boy figuring out the answers to a question is actually recollecting the knowledge instead of learning something new. He would make a statement about our education system and what we currently see as knowledge what was we should see as knowledge. The way we should learn by his definition would be to have classroom discussions sessions as agreed upon by critical think by my classmates and myself in a philosophy course. Socrates would tell us how we would need to focus on recollecting and focus on feeding our soul instead of our bodies, how we would need to make major changes such as our use of technology for only necessary uses and not merely for mindless entertainment much like how we all use laptops, phones, and the

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