Characteristics Of Person-Centered Therapy

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5. Person-centered therapy is completely focused on the individual and achieving a greater degree of independence in their lives. Rather than focusing on the problems that the individual is facing, this kind of therapy focuses on the person as a whole. Rather than attempting to solve the individual 's problems, the therapist assists the individual in growing in their coping skills and mechanisms so that they may better face the problems that are in their lives. They do this without asking questions of the individual, assigning diagnoses, making interpretations, or express their own opinions. By refraining from these practices, the individual is left to tell their story at their own pace and in their own way (Harvard Medical School, 2006).…show more content…
It is when they do this that they can really emerge as the individual they really are. As they work towards self-actualization, they will become more open to experiences, trusting in themselves, have an internal source of evaluation, and have a willingness to continue this growth. These characteristics are the overall goal of person-centered therapy and provide the framework for the direction that the therapy will take. Rather than the therapist setting goals for the individual to accomplish, the individual and the therapist work together to decide on goals that would benefit the individual the most and needs the most…show more content…
As the title implies, the therapist must communicate to the individual that they are valuable and worthwhile (Harvard Medical School, 2006). This care should be an unconditional positive regard and is best achieved through empathy of the individual and their situations. In order to express this caring, the therapist must not implement evaluation or judgment of the individual. There should not be a stipulation or requirement the individual has to meet in order to obtain this acceptance. Accepting the individual where they are does not mean the therapist agrees or approves of the individual 's choices and behaviors, rather it is an understanding that the individual wishes to make changes in their lives (Corey,
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