Reflection Of Writing: My English 101 Final Portfolio

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I would like to start off with thanking you for having the time to review the work and effort that I have put into my English 101 Final Portfolio. In the time in class that I have had this quarter I have learned new techniques that I had not known before in writing, for example I have learned about how to build paragraphs in a correct formal way. In my work in the portfolio I hope to show how my skills as a writer have improved from the work I have done before. I plan to take the experience that I have had in this class and take it with me to help me improve as a student on other class topics. In the time that I have been in class I believe that it has helped me in a positive way to help me manage my time, along with building my confidence in writing. In this beginning of the quarter I had many challenges when it came to writing a paper and I feel that I have improved my skills when it came to writing an essay. When I came to college just out of high school, I came with the mentality that the classes would be no different from one another. I thought that if I kept the same paper composition that I have had in…show more content…
I have practiced time after time to try and reach my peak in writing skills, I may not be there yet, but I know that I have to practice to help me when I write. I may find problems that I have in my writing now and in know that usually not all writing is perfect the first time. I hope that with the practice that I have had I have built one of the strongest papers that I have built in this quarter in my English 101 class. I hope to use the skill that I have learned in this class in the future to build some of the best writing that I can create. Thank you for having the time to review my portfolio and I hope that you may see the work and effort that I have put into my
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