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Most of my attention is directed at advising students and ensuring students take the correct courses so they graduate on time. The second arduous job related function involves keeping students within the Criminal Justice Program engaged in the coursework and not succumb to quitting because they feel the work is difficult, or they become disinterested in some aspect of the coursework. I accomplish both of the above tasks through current assignments that captures realistic work the students would experience in the criminal justice profession. Since the Criminal Justice field requires law enforcement personnel to present before groups and testify before the court, I conduct several mock courts and realistic scenarios to acclimate the students…show more content…
Frequently over the course of this semester, I provided interviews for students who worked on assignment that required them to interview a former law enforcement officer and get a police officer’s perspective on some assigned subject matter. I recived requests from student who graduated and wanted to use me as a reference for potentional jobs I am currently serving as a member of the CART Committee which oversees the safety aspect of the college. Also, I worked with Human Resource Department in serving on the interview committee. These interviews involved certified officers who would be assigned to one of the four county areas of the college and maintain security. I interact with my supervisor regularly and keeps him informed of any matters that requires his attention. I realize that I should not consult him with trivial details as his time is important. I continue to provide students with agencies name that are looking for viable candidates to recruit from the community college for full time employment. Lastly, as I teach I use current event items to show the students how they interrelate with the concepts mentioned within the textbook. I find in doing so I am reinforcing learning, while engaging the class in critical thinking skills of the

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