Reflection Of Writing: How I Used To Hate Writing

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I used to hate writing a lot. Especially when I was in Academic English classes. I don’t like how they forced us to use the five paragraph essay. Therefore, when you told us we should ditch the five-paragraph format in the beginning, I was like “I knew that’s not right!” At first I don’t understand some of the assignments that you gave to us. However, soon I realized that they all built up towards the final critical essay. Study questions in the beginning have improved my ability to read with details. By answering the study questions, I was blown away by how close reading can reveal so much more details about what the authors are trying to talk about. The attention to details is one thing I learned from this class. I still remember when you…show more content…
I am a man of few words. I have millions of thoughts in my head all the time but only a few of those eventually come out of my mouth. I am a typical introvert like most computer science major student. We wrote so much code that we started to think like computer. And the best codes are the ones that are the shortest. So I like to keep things short and simple as long as it fulfills its purpose. I think writing actually helped me express myself better than before after several writing assignments. I started with spending hours sitting in front of my computer screen thinking about the study questions in the beginning of the quarter. I have to reread “The City of Shells” by Karen Russell and “Teen Sniper” by Adam Johnson several times until I found the answers to the study questions. However, they are both very interesting text that I really enjoyed especially “Teen Sniper”. The way Johnson describes the bullet entered and exited the body with flowers are strangely beautiful. When I was first reading it, I didn’t know what those flowers looks like so I looked them up online. I have never seen a bullet enter and exit a real human being but the flowers have allowed me to visualize what would it be like. I felt somewhat disgusted but the fact that they are flowers helped reduced that

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