Reflection Of The Observation Of A Child Behavior

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My best friend and I are very close to each other. My friend has a son name Isaac he is right now four years old. I get the opportunity to see them very often. If I was going to do a journal and count how many times I witness Isaac having a behavior problem it would be a lot of observations. My friend believes in educating her son her own way. To the point where not even the father has a lot to intervene in his own son’s education. She believes that her son has to have the freedom of expressing himself and that by saying simple comments as “no that 's wrong” or “you shouldn’t do that” will make her son stop. I had witnessed her son hit her because she won’t buy a toy and even call her mother a female dog. Her son was three when that happened. At this point, I feel that her son controls her over and he can get away with anything. Isaac, it’s the only child and grandchild in both sides of the family. Due to that he has plenty of attention and always has someone to defend him over if someone is trying to put him on timeout or reflecting on his behavior. I sadly witnessed many of his behavior and as a mom, it’s hard to talk to my friend because she believes what she is doing it’s correct.…show more content…
I asked my friend that I had an assignment where I was going to write a journal on observing a child’s behavior. I asked her is I can use her son. She agrees to me writing a journal and the reflection. My friend’s name is Jaceline and I had known her for about six years now. I had known Isaac since the day he was born. As mention Isaac, it’s four years old now. I decided to do them because I see them often so I thought it would be pretty easy to do my observations and record a journal at the same time. Isaac, it’s a very energetic child that we had never seem to see him sit for longer than ten minutes. I see my friend having a hard time to control her son at times. Isaac runs up and down, he yells and hits people for
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