Child Observation Of A Child

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The child I observed was born on February 21st, so the baby that I observed is just weeks old. The baby is white and a male. The baby is a friend’s child and I observed him in the living room of their home and in his personal bedroom while he was in his crib. There was two couches in the living room, a television, two end tables, and a big sectional rug which was where the child was most of the time. There was 4 adults. The mom, the dad, my mom, and I. There were no other children in the house at this time.
Most of the time that I observed the child he tried to move himself around to get to things that I assuming he wanted to know more about. Because he is so young he had a hard time moving around because he does not know how to crawl or walk yet. One thing that he could do was roll and he …show more content…

He would roll to whatever he wanted to play with. Mostly to his toys. Once he got the toys and other things in his hands he really just wanted to feel them and put them in his mouth. The one toy that I realized that he played with the most was a toy that made noises every time he touched it a certain way. After being there for about 15 minutes the baby started crying. I immediately thought that the mom would get up and tend to her child, but she said that she is a strong believer in the cry it out method. She informed me that just before I got there she had changed the baby and fed the baby and the baby had not gotten hurt so there is no way that there is anything wrong with the baby. She said that he just wanted attention. The baby cried for about 2 minutes then he stopped crying and went back to playing with his toys. My mom decided that she was going to go down there and play with the baby. She blew on his stomach and

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