Parenting Style Styles Essay

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The parent I interviewed is a 28-year-old woman, in a relationship with the father of her 1-year-old baby girl. I asked the parent 8 questions. When asking the parent questions, I let them answer confidently first, then gave a scenario or oppositional view and asked how they felt afterward. Once she answered the first few questions, I instantly placed her under one parenting style category according to Baumrind: authoritative. It was really easy to see how the parent was thinking as a mother and that the intention of having the child’s best interest, was available. I was also able to anticipate the child is gonna be securely attached according to Ainsworth, due to the parent due to the mother having a securely attached relationship to her mother.
My theory for why she falls under this type of parent is because she was willing to explain why some disciplines should occur and the intent was not to neglect or let the child do whatever they want. This type of parenting style leads to securely attached relationships, and will predict high academic and social competence for the child. The balance between discipline, warmth, and allowing the child to explore without crossing lines, is a good start to helping the child grow into what every parent wants. I was also able to summarize that the quality of this child’s home
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The child also will gain good vocabulary due to the stimulating conversations that occur in the home, because both parents have college degrees. The quality of this home environment may also be beneficial if the child is not receiving proper education influences at school , considering their middle-class location, which provides public schooling. The environment this particular baby is in, is a good prediction for developing cognitive behavior
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