Reflection Of My Practicum Experience

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The semester has came to a close, and as I write this portfolio, I reflect on the topics, ideas, and questions that have arisen and been discussed throughout the duration of this course. I lift up a thick green folder, filled with paper clips, staples, and hundreds of words written in ink (and a few in pencil). I open it up and glance through a collection of focused thoughts that document a growing and stretching in my thoughts about the teaching of writing. I think back to the first time that I entered the doors of the classroom, and honestly, it doesn’t seem that I’ve changed that much. But, I can also glance through my writer’s notebook, along with this folder-full-of-thoughts, and see the long strides that I have taken towards a more complete…show more content…
Rainwater, I wanted to know more about the teaching of writing. I interviewed her for the next assignment, the interview, I wanted to learn a little bit more about how she facilitated her writing classroom. Because of the broad range of topics that we had discussed in the class, as well as the questions that I had thought about during the other days in my practicum experience, I asked questions that were somewhat general. Ms. Rainwater, because of answering me through email, did not elaborate as much as I hoped she would. Due to both of these things, I found it hard to really narrow the focus of the assignment and so I struggled with the first draft of paper. However, after a conference to discuss my revisions, I narrowed the focus to student engagement and interest and the ways that Ms. Rainwater achieved those two things in her classroom. I found that Ms. Rainwater answered in her email different ways that she kept students’ engaged in her classroom, and I found that the ways that I mentioned in my paper, namely creating the expectation for writing in the classroom, giving practical outlets and audiences for their writing, and allowing for student choice in assignments, really helped her students to push through writing assignments and provide thoughtful pieces. This revision process helped me to really hone in on a focus as well as reflect on practicum experience with Ms. Rainwater. I think, no matter what age or level of schooling,…show more content…
This report, titled “Journaling through Literature: Enhancing Reading Experience through Writing,” helped to dive deep into the research surrounding the teaching of writing and literature. One of the most iconic pieces of an English class (other than the argumentative essay) is the essay analyzing literature. In almost every high school English class today, there is at least one essay doing this. In fact, many believe that is of central importance to the English class and if you take that out, the whole experience of the class wouldn’t be the same! There are so many questions that I have about this process. For starters, is this essay really so important? Is it really the point of an English class to analyze “great” literature? What skills (other than recognizing symbols and other literary things like that) do you garner from doing these kinds of essays? I could go on, and hopefully, I will get some of these questions answered throughout the remainder of my time her at USC. My praxis report zeroed in on one question out of the many surrounding this topic: In what ways can writing (other than the analytical essay) help to enhance my students experiences with literature? One thing I learned in this project is that nobody is really talking about this right now. Maybe because the cannon of ‘great’ literature is a controversial topic for some people, maybe because people believe there is no such thing as the canon, or
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