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For someone, who hasn’t taken this class yet, wanting to know what learning is I would say learning is not only knowing something well enough that you can take a test on said subject and do well. Learning is about knowing something to the extent that you can apply it to real life and not just school. As said in Chapter 1.2 of the book, learning is connecting to what you’re experiencing and then making sense of it all. The way I viewed learning at the beginning of class is very different to what I know learning is now. I thought learning was just about studying hard and knowing something well enough that you can pass a test. For me, learning is knowing something and being able to carry that knowledge into life after college. The term used…show more content…
I use my Confluence Pattern As Needed. I avoid using Technical Reasoning, as it is not my strong suit. My LCI scores are: Sequence 27, Precision 29, Technical Reasoning 8, and Confluence 22. When using Sequence, I tend to be very anal about knowing exactly what the directions are and what I am supposed to be doing before I start something. When using Precision, I am very precise about things. I like to know that everything is exactly where it needs to be. Although, sometimes, I have what some call “organized chaos” so it may look like a wreck but I know exactly where everything is. When using Technical Reasoning I get very frustrated, very quickly. I do not do well when it comes to putting things together. For some reason when I read the directions it all makes perfect sense until I look at all the pieces in front of me and then I just have no clue how to connect the pieces with what the directions say. I also tend to get flustered when a problem arises during the day that I can’t solve right away. When using Confluence I use it as needed. I like to just go with the flow of things and do things the way I’m told to do them. Sometimes I’ll find a different way to do something that is actually easier for me to understand so then I’ll…show more content…
I have a few different strategies I use to take full advantage of each of my learning patterns. When it comes to reading and studying I tend to get distracted very easily by things such as, the TV, my phone, my daughter, Facebook, etc. To keep myself from being distracted I do my schoolwork when my dad is sleeping in his room during the day and I have my mom keep an eye on my daughter that way it minimizes the amount of distractions I have to deal with. I also like to set aside a specific time during the day to sit down and read the chapter. I have to set aside time otherwise I find myself just skimming over it and then not doing very well on the quizzes because I didn’t take the time to deeply read it and really absorb the information. When it comes to my writing I like to bounce ideas off of my mom and sister just to see what they think about it. I do the same thing when writing an essay or journal. I like to read it out loud and have someone else read it so I can get some honest feedback about my paper and if they saw any grammar mistakes I may have

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