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The amount of waste is gradually increasing with economic development in Japan. The government attempts to reduce such wastes by promoting recycling low. In addition, recycling has recently become the focus of public attention, because it is a big problem that the amount of CO2 emission is increasing in the country, and people expect that the recycling will be a good solution for increasing amount of CO2 emission. There are however, some problems to encourage recycling, especially in terms of that recycling is not efficient way to reduce CO2 emission, recycling takes high cost and people don’t have knowledge about recycling very much.

Environmental point of view
Recycling is good for environment in terms of reducing illegal dumping, however, it has not much effects as for reducing the CO2 emission. Nowadays, huge amount of industrial wastes are dumped illegally. It causes pollution for environment, because those illegal dumping are thrown away into forests. Those wastes are often chemicals that is difficult to be disposed, and have bad influences to environment such as discharging poison gases by reacting with water. Companies that use such chemicals dump them because there are a few way to dispose these chemicals and it costs very much. Hence, illegal dumping would decrease if way of recycling and the costs become lower owing to entering the market of many other companies. Also recycling are considered that it can be effective to reduce CO2 emission recently, because great deal of CO2 is emitted when wastes are incinerated, but it is not much discharged in case of recycling than incineration. However recycling is not critical way to reduce CO2 emission. For example, incineration of wastes discharge CO2 at 4 stages...

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...t are going to be benefit for both companies and customers. Then, the companies do not need to export those expensive parts from other countries very much.

The amount of Illegal dumping increases in Japan because the recycling fee is high cost and such dumping causes to environmental pollution. The government should strengthen the recycling law. Also, the recycling its self has small effect for reducing CO2 emission , but important thing is that people try to reduce amount of wastes by being aware of recycling. The government encourages recycling by establishing recycling low however, the government should improve systems and facility because they are not enough. Industrial companies should use the recycling system because they can get materials at lower cost, and inform to customers to collect valuable resources from items that they do not use any more.