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The Reconstruction was the historical period after the Civil War where the United States was rebuilding itself. This time period lasted approximately twelve years from 1865-1877. The Reconstruction was when the Union was allowing the South to come back. The North or the Union had one main condition for re-admittance; the South had to at least have ten percent of the voting population take an oath of allegiance to the Union (Wormser). For many Americans the Reconstruction was a time of “great pain and endless questions” (U.S. History). President Abraham Lincoln and the Radical Republicans had a different approach for the Reconstruction. President Lincoln and the Radical Republicans had different goals, views on slavery, plans for Southern land,…show more content…
His goal was to rebuild the South peacefully and quickly rather than punish the South. President Lincoln wanted to help the South and its folks. He wanted to abolish slavery. He made the abolishment of slavery possible by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation was the executive order and document that freed all African-American slaves in Confederate states. With this document, President Lincoln announced that any African-American slave that was fit condition to fight could be accepted into the Union Army. This statement made it possible for African-American slaves to have a chance to fight for their freedom. President Lincoln’s opinion on political power was to leave the South alone and let them vote. He did not want to penalize the South, he wanted to help them. With this in mind, he planned to give the South back the land that they had lost to the Union Army; as well as keep the Southern lifestyle similar to what it was before. The few chances that Lincoln made were the establishment to free the African-American slaves and the unison of the North and…show more content…
The Radical Republicans wanted to give the South a strict and harsh environment. Although they were harsh, the Radical Republicans passed three amendments that helped slavery; they passed the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendment, as well as the Civil Rights Act. The thirteenth amendment ended slavery throughout the United States. The fourteenth amendment guaranteed that no individual could be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. This amendment granted African-Americans the status of citizenship. The fifteenth amendment established that no citizen may be denied the right to vote. The Civil Rights Act was a law that gave citizenship rights to freed slaves. This act was veto by Andrew Johnson but was override by Congress. The Radical Republican’s opinion on political power was to have the North benefit from the South. They passed Military Reconstruction Acts that divided the South into military districts. They wanted to strip Southern plantation owners off their land and give it to slaves. They gave the south folks forty acres of land and a mule. The Radical Republicans also wanted to change the Southern lifestyle; they wanted the South to look more like the North. They wanted to build industrial factories.
President Lincoln’s Reconstruction plan was lightly used. Lincoln was assassinated a few days after the Civil War ended.
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