Reasons For The Fall Of Rome

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Political problems are one of the largest reasons for the fall of the great legion, the Roman Empire. The 37 emperors were very greedy meaning that the emperors had a selfish desire for the wealth and power that they seeked. They did not now how to rule and they had an unstable personality. These emperors were often kicked of the throne but when that was done there would be no replacing emperor. When one emperor was kicked off the throne they would have no system which would cause lots of havoc. Most of the emperors were assassinated by praetorian guards, because the guards wanted money or a better position. When an emperor was assassinated many civil wars would break out to inherit a new emperor. The citizens would revolt against corrupt government, poor living conditions, and high taxes. The Roman Empire could not choose a single emperor.
Economic issues are a massive reason for the fall of Rome. The Roman warriors refused to fight unless the government lowered their taxes and salaries. The Romans had a desire to have more goods purchased from other empires. Rome continued to not have any growth. Tariffs made it very hard to get goods from other empires. When the Romans attempted to trade often they would meet up with the ferocious pirates who stole their …show more content…

Overcrowded living conditions began to lead to pollution, illnesses and lots of disappointing death. Another reason was lead poisoning. Aqueducts helps Rome get there water and have it be pure. Things like lead pipes, eating utensils and dishware where had a large reason for the diseases because they are commonly used. One of the most common diseases was malaria, malaria was a dangerous disease that many had in Rome. In 262 CE thousands and thousands of Romans died daily from these diseases. Malaria even caused Attila the Hun to retreat and not attack Rome because he knew that his warriors and him would become very sick and would not be able to

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