Reaearch Essay: The Signs Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence Domestic violence should not happen to anybody. It is a traumatizing experience that can have an individual scarred for life. Unfortunately, this form of violence does still occur today. Domestic violence consists of many different categories. This reaearch paper focuses on the signs of an abusive relationship and getting help if needed so. No one should have to live in fear of the person they happened to fall in love with
Domestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior, within the household typically involving the violent abuse of a partner or a spouse. We define domestic violence as a pattern or repetition of an abusive behavior in any type of relationship. Domestic violence can happen to anypone regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion or
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When people stop to think what really is domestic abuse they often focus on the overall concept of the situation. Domestic abuse occurs whenever once person in a relationship tries to dominate the other by trying to control the other individual. Abusers gain control by taking advantage of the other persons fear, guilt, shame and intimidation to wear you out and make you lose self confidence and forget your worth. Many people are denial when going through these types of abuse. Domestic abuse can get worse if nothing is done to prevent it.
There are many signs of an abusing relationship if you yourself is in one or someone you know. The first most main sign is fear or one another. If you life in fear knowing your partner is watching yur every move and you are trying you nest to avoid any arguments chances are you are in an unhealthy relationship. Other signs that fall under being in an abusive relationship is your partner making you forget your worth and making you feel
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