Rapidkl Case Study

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According to White (2002), the public transportation is about all kind of modes provided by the government to the public or society like buses, taxis, train and many more. The reasons why government provide this kind of service is to give more convenience to people that live in urban and rural areas to move frome one destination to another destination. The level of service quality in the public transport will be determine by the services that are able to meet the requirement and desire through the people perceptions and thoughts. Besides that, in order to have better and comfortable environment, the service quality that public transport provide is vital (Zaherawati, Zaleha, Mohamed and Zuriawati, 2010).

Public bus services are based on a regular operation of transit buses along a route. It comprises of wide coverage network of routes. The bus service operates according to its daily schedule. One of the bus providers that exist in Malaysia is RapidKL. The name of RapidKL comes from Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd. RapidKL is the company that tasked with the provision of an integrated public transport system in the Klang Valley. According to Myrapid website, RapidKL operates 165 bus routes within the Klang Valley. It consists of 10 City Bus Routes, 85 Local Bus Routes, 63 Trunk Bus
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However, this plan is actually depended on the availability number of bus drivers. This is because, the company is facing a problem as it still have shortage of bus drivers. The company will continuously to look at other options in order to recruit more drivers in order to ensure better service to commute passengers and to fulfill the satisfaction level of passengers. Currently the bus faced a shortage of 500 bus drivers. If the company can overcome the problem, they can purchase additional buses like another 250 buses with two drivers for each
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