Comparing Public Transportation And Public Transportation Or Driving Own Car

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Public Transportation or Driving Own Car

We all use vehicles for transportation. People usually go to their desired destination either by driving their own cars or traveling in public transportation. Actually, it might be tough to choose that which one is the best selection for people to travel. Many people choose one of them according to their comfort while traveling and both of them have advantages and disadvantages in different conditions. Public transportation and driving own car both shares differences and similarities in many aspects, such as facility, cost, and comfort as well as traffic jam and accident occurrence.

First of all, the difference is in the facility or convenience. Travelling on public transport could be a waste of time due to waiting for the bus especially in the rush hours’ time. It is quite hard to wait for a bus and whenever there is an urgent work and you have to reach somewhere in a hurry, you might get late due to waiting for a long period. In contrast to traveling on public transportation, driving your own car is more convenient and reliable. People can start their car and can go to anywhere that want without any wait or suffering from different kinds of problems. Going to an event or meeting can be helpful in your own car as compare to public transport as it can affect your personality.
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When we consider the expensiveness, we think that public transportation is better than driving your own car. The price of public transportation ticket has been always economical, it costs round about 40 Afghani for pick and drop from one destination to another. Unlike personal transportation, people not only pay for different kind of expenses, such as gas, parking, and insurance, but also pay for surprising accident too, such as fixing the unexpected damage occurred in the car during an

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