Racism Within The Retail Industry

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Racism in Retail: The Divide in Consumption Problem A topic that struck be to be very interesting during our review of ethnicity and race, is the idea of racism within the retail industry. I found this topic to be very interesting, because I believe that retail racism is still present in American society. While I believe that this racial issue is present in our society, I believe that very few factors have been attributed to this form of prejudice. I would like to do further research in order to answer the question, is retail racism a subconscious decision based on stereotypes rather than an economic decision based on demographic facts? I believe that if retail racism is a more subconscious decision that these decisions rely heavily on previously implemented stereotypes. Theories To begin, the focus of my research will be the stereotypes involved in the occurrence of racism within the retail industry. Stereotypes play a significant role in the act of racism. This is because, these widely held beliefs that are both negative and positive, are the stepping stones to the development of ethnocentrism. Based on the reading of Gollnick and Chinn, ethnocentrism is “The view that one’s cultural group is superior to all others”. Although ethnocentrism and racism are significantly different, they are entertain the idea of inferiority and superiority. According to a case study by G.Schreer, S. Smith, and K. Thomas, “Typically, retailers justify violations against Black customers as a necessary precaution to fight the war on shoplifting (Williams et al., 2001). As a result of legitimate concerns that retailers have over the billions of dollars they lose each year to shoplifting (Asquith & Bristow, 2000), detection and apprehension of s... ... middle of paper ... ...e was due to my race. I believe that I was immediately placed into a certain category based on my physical appearance. I believe this categorization made it hard for the employee to rethink his previous notions when he finally interacted with me, because that is the mentality that he is used to. Recommendations This research taught me a lot about generalizations, and how they can impact aspects of your everyday life. I recommend that individuals properly assess a situation and another individual before they allow their behavior to construe a negative mindset, or belief. Race and ethnicity can be a difficult subject for numerous individuals. But, I think the most important aspect of accepting diversity is being open-minded, and respectful of one another. I think that if everyone took these steps, the world would be a much for secure and positive place for growth.
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