Racism As A Woman Of Color

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What is it like to be African-American? Being a woman of color, I know first-hand the struggles African-Americans have to endure, and racism is one of those struggles. Some people define racism as mistreatment that occurred way back when people did not like African Americans, but their definition is naive. Author, Joe Bourneuf, said, "racism is to discriminate against an ethnicity due to another race being seen as higher-up" ("The Third New International Webster 's Dictionary”). The phrase way back can be defined as a reference to 1955-1968, the period of the civil rights movement in the U. S. A. when Martin Luther King, Jr. gave the "I Have A Dream Speech". Though racism is an immense issue in today 's society as a well, people don 't fight against prejudiced ways because they believe discrimination has already been resolved. Racism still exists and people of color deal with it every day. Examples include, but are not limited to; the Ku Klux Klan, police brutality, and the Charleston church shooting. If more people understood these incidences as acts of racism there may be less violence. They may gain a deeper understanding of inequity among the races which may lead to more individuals willing to fight for equality. People believe racism is the least of our country concerns because it is not seen as often as in 1955-1968. Many people say that blacks are now able to dine with whites, attend the same schools, sit anywhere on a bus and even live in suburban areas, so racism is over. They have convinced themselves that because they don 't hear about the issue, it no longer occurs. Author, Joyce Lynn Garrett stated, "we hear reports of the Ku Klux Klan membership dropping from 6 million to 8,000 and it makes you think rac... ... middle of paper ... ...tion, I became informed of the many acts of police brutality and how many officers use it to harm people of color. I know all officers are not trying to murder black people, but some use the power their job gives them to target our race. I also learned that although racism is not as violent, frequent or well-known as it use to be it 's still a big issue worth resolving. All in All, this research helped me realize that it is okay not be accepted and that does not make you less equal to the next person. People discriminate when they feel someone is to different, or they just been they see something special in you, they don 't want you to see. I believe that it is time for people of all race to stand as one and create a powerful and peaceful unit that will fight for what is right. Racism is clearly still alive and needs to be put to an end today.
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