Racial Inequality Theory Essay

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In this essay we will discuss the theories of racial inequality. Racial inequality occurs when people have more access to different resources based specifically on the race. A race is a group of people who share the same physical characteristics. I will be providing a summary of the article. I will also provide an evaluation of the arguments that he puts forth. Then I will provide my reaction to what he said and finally I will present an alternate argument. The author provides some theories in explaining why racial inequality exists and how it continues to exist. The first sets of theories are the deficiency theories. Deficiency theories state that “Racial minorities occupy an inferior economic, social and political status because of some…show more content…
The other deficiency is the social structure and that states that the inequality is caused by the social structure of the group. The last deficiency theory is cultural and that says the cause of the inequality is in the cultural traits that the minority possess. The next big theory “focus[es] on prejudice and discrimination as the sources of minority inequality”. This theory puts the blame on the majority. One example of this is that white prejudice leads to blacks being discriminated against. The conditions black are left in lead them to make the white prejudice even stronger and this cycle is what keeps the inequality consistent. The other one of this is that “employees have a taste for discrimination”. The third major theory is the structural discrimination and with this inequality is caused by the disadvantage in the social structure. The author also puts forth his own theory and that is internal colonialism. It says that that the dominant group exploits the subordinate group for a gain. He also talks about Marxist theories dealing with inequality like labor markets segmentation and class segmentations. The central issues being discussed are the racial…show more content…
De jure means they are in placed because of laws such as Jim Crow and separate but equal. De facto just mean it happened with no involvement of the law such as whenever a large amount of black move into a community all of the whites try to relocate to feel safer. Another reason could be that the white portray an image of the minority in a certain way to try and control them and how they act. The final one who be gendered and that could lead to some inequality since the gendered roles are already defined and people just expect more things from different gender. An example would be men expecting to be strong and hide their emotion while the women are passive and care takers. I am convinced by the argument that was put forth because of how in depth inequality is explained and

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