Queer's Theory Of Gay Marriage

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Queer theory is applicable because when Duncan asked Phoebe for a divorce because he was not gay and he wanted to marry another women, Phoebe could not believe that he wasn’t gay, because according to her “he is smart, funny, and throws the greatest Academy Award parties” (Junge, 2004) which are according to her and society is the traits of a gay man. Duncan faked being gay because he thought that if he acted gay he would be able to “fit in” because “he is an ice dancer, and all of his friends are gay” (Junge, 2004). It can be assumed that Duncan acted gay because according to society when you are an ice dancer you have to be gay, because no straight man would be a dancer. Society believes that dancing is an activity that is performed by girls

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that queer theory is applicable because duncan asked phoebe for a divorce because he was not gay and wanted to marry another woman.
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