Queen Elizabeth I Of England

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Queen Elizabeth I of England, was an iconic ruler during the Golden Age of England, and arguably one of the most well known and successful rulers of her time. Elizabeth, daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, reigned over England from 1558 until her death in 1603. When Elizabeth took the throne after the death of her half sister, Mary I, England was in a poor economic state. Throughout her time as Queen, Elizabeth was able to repair the economic debt held by England, as well as mend relations within society, caused by many things including religious wars. While these accomplishments were impressive, what was most lasting about her reign is that Elizabeth reigned by herself for the entire time. Elizabeth ruled in a man’s world, making her contributions to England even more significant. This essay will argue that while Elizabeth took great pride in her gender during her rule as Queen, she did not allow her femininity to impact her time as monarch. Elizabeth I was known as the “Virgin Queen” due to the fact that she never married. She decided to remain single for a number of reasons. Elizabeth succeeded her half sister, Mary I, who at the beginning of her rule vowed not to marry and wished to be crowned as a Queen Regnant, allowing her to rule in her own right and not just through marriage to a King. Despite her claims, Mary married King Philip II of Spain less than a year into her reign. The marriage gave Philip II controlling power over England, simply because he was a man. This left Mary I to take a back seat to her husband’s rule. After witnessing this, Elizabeth became determined that she would stick to her values and rule as both King and Queen of England. This would prevent her power from being divided and forcing... ... middle of paper ... ...rty-four years, with reasonable success during those years, and was also able to Spanish Armada, where others may not have been able to. To further add to her list of accomplishments, Queen Elizabeth I successfully kept the loyalty, respect and allegiance of her subjects, and established Protestantism throughout England. The most incredible part is that she did all of this without a man by her side. The “Virgin Queen” kept peace between some of the biggest rivals in history, England and Spain, for over thirty years . Elizabeth was more successful than most kings that ruled before and after her, all while carrying the role of both king and queen in her hands. She fought long and hard for her right to rule and reign in name and deed, however she did not allow her femininity to impact her time as monarch, and for that, created a better England for generations to come.
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