The Legacy of Queen of Elizabeth II

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In every country, there are individuals who have had an importance to their time period. This importance is highlighted by the individual’s background, roles, and actions. ““The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep. So help me God.” The words the Queen said on her Coronation Day as she laid her hand on the bible” (Bradford 4). At the young age of twenty five, Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary became Queen. The Queen is now the second-longest reigning Monarch in England, reigning for fifty nine years thus far. From the day of her coronation until present time, her daily actions have reflected on the entire country and Commonwealth. Her impact is very significant; she holds real and reserved powers for the entire Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926 in London. Queen Elizabeth’s father was the second son to King George V, so he was not expected to become King. Her uncle, King Edward VIII, did not necessarily care for the royal duties. He opted to announce his abdication and marry Wallis Simpson; the two lived their life in exile as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Green 11). By doing this, his younger brother, King George VI, took over the thrown. Growing up, Elizabeth enjoyed being outdoors and riding horses. Her parents were not overly pushy with her education; this gave her the time to enjoy these outdoor activities. Her parents did hire a governess named Marion Crawford to overlook her and her sister’s education. She was tutored in history and the unwritten constitution of Great Britain, languages, and music. She was also taught about the Royal Collection of Art. Elizabeth’s mother “thought one could take formal education too seriously” (Green 12-13). When World W... ... middle of paper ... ...ends meetings and ceremonies. The evenings are usually reserved for meetings with prime ministers, receptions, charity events, or film premiers. Queen Elizabeth continuously fulfills royal duties, visits the Commonwealth, and attends public engagements and ceremonies. “All over the country every year, the police, civil servants, politicians, court officials, bishops, vicars and congregants swear the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen” (Shawcross 91). Because the British monarchy is the oldest in Europe, Queen Elizabeth II is an importance and her legacy will forever live on. Works Cited Bradford, Sarah. Elizabeth: A Biography of Her Majesty the Queen. London: Penguin, 2002. Print. Green, Robert. Queen Elizabeth II. New York: F. Watts, 1997. Print. Shawcross, William. Queen Elizabeth: The Queen Mother : The Official Biography. London: Pan, 2010. Print.

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