Human Factors In Nursing Case Study

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Another factor that influences being a safe and professional nurse is having the right attitude. This will help you develop your nursing skills better if you have a positive attitude, because you may work with a team of registered nurses but you must recognize that each of you have your strengths and weaknesses. You must value each nurse for their expertise and skills, and always be willing to learn and accept feedback to help improve yourself. As a nurse, you may be great at starting IVs, while another nurse may be great at talking to patients, another nurse may be great at wound care, etc. Overall, recognizing when to ask for help is a good quality in nursing, this isn’t as a disfavor to yourself but actually a service to your patient, because…show more content…
Human factors are derived from construction and adapted to a system of development in health care by carefully examining the relationship between people, environment, and technology. The consideration of human factors acknowledges the capability or inability to perform a precise task while executing multiple functions at once. Human factors provide an organized method to prevent errors and create exceptional efficiency. Careful attention must be exercised in all levels of care such as the physical, social, and external environment. It is also vital to carefully consider the type of work completed and the quality of performance. Applying human factors to the structure of healthcare can help reduce risks and improve outcomes for patients. This includes physical, behavioral, and cognitive performance which is important to a successful health care system that can prevent errors. A well-designed health care system can anticipate errors before they occur and not after the mistake has been committed. A culture of safety in nursing demands strong leadership that pays attention to variations in workloads, preventing interruptions at work, promotes communication and courtesy for everyone involved. Implementing a structure of human factors will guide research and provide a better understanding of a nurse’s complicated work environment. Nurses today are face challenges that affect patient safety such as heavy workloads, distractions, multiple tasks, and inadequate staffing. Poor communication and failure to comply with proper protocols can also adversely affect patient safety. Understanding human factors can help nurses prevent errors and improve quality of care. In order to standardize care the crew resource management program was
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