Publics and Stakeholders

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Stakeholders are an essential element of every public relations (PR) activity did have a significant effect on the organization’s performance. The organization’s public relations planner has to identify their publics in order to launch the best activities to attract their attention and enhance their interests. Gordon (2011:145) pointed out that prioritizing stakeholders are very important in communication planning. By prioritizing publics, the organization can identify the effect of PR activities, potential problems and the key partners in these communications. At the beginning of the essay, the main aim is to define the concept of publics and stakeholders. Next, it is to demonstrate the reason why publics and stakeholder are important to public relations planning. Finally, we will discuss how to prioritize different stakeholder groups when planning a public relations campaign. The concept of publics and stakeholders are similar and often used interchangeably. However, in some condition, they still have differences. “Stakeholder” as a recent business ethnics concept was primarily introduced by R Edward Freeman in 1984 (Boatright, 2006). Its meaning has experienced different development and is identified by different ways. Tench and Yeoman (2006:241) highlighted that stakeholders are those who influence or can influence the organization. Comparing stakeholders, publics have much longer history. Dewey (1927) defined publics as a group of people who face, recognize and handle a similar problem. Baines et al. (2004:14) regarded publics as groups that are deliberately targeted. Rawlins (2006) also argued that stakeholders are used in business literature to describe their relationship to organization; publics are used in the PR and othe... ... middle of paper ... ...(2013). Coca-Cola reports 16 per cent volume growth in India for 2012. Retrieved 1 June 2014, from Rawlins, B. (2006). Prioritizing stakeholders for public relations. Institute For Public Relations. Stampler, L. (2012). These Are The Biggest PR Disasters Of 2012. Business Insider. Retrieved 28 May 2014, from Tench, R., & Yeomans, L. (2006). Exploring public relations (1st ed.). Harlow, England: FT Prentice Hall. The Economic Times,. (2013). Immense pressure from stakeholders prompted KV Kamath to pass baton to NR Narayana Murthy. Retrieved 1 June 2014, from

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