Drug Addiction Essay

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Drug addiction
People are trapped in drug addiction due to various reasons. Some will try to take drugs because of curiosity. Some have many people and friends take drugs, and some want to have the experience. Athletes take drugs with the aim of improving their performance as well as to reduce certain problems. i.e. depression, stress, or anxiety. The use of drugs does not lead to drug addiction automatically. It is not possible to measure the level at which the use of drugs may be regarded as casual or even problematic. It depends on the individual. Drug addiction is not determined by the amount of drugs consumed or the many times they are consumed, but the consequences brought about by the drug addiction. This means that irrespective of the small amount one consumes, as long as the use of drugs leads to problems in life, there is a high chance of drug addiction (Sinha 351). Although many unfortunate factors cause one to fall into drug addiction, many treatments exist to save an individual from the horrible consequences. This paper discusses some of them, for instance, family history of addiction, social environment, heredity, mental addiction, peer pressure, and escapism. The paper will also highlight the symptoms, physical addiction, and withdrawal. Finally, the paper aims at highlighting methods used to ensure an individual is able to recover from drug addiction. The family history of the drug or alcohol addict is likely to place an individual in a high risk position of becoming addicted to drugs. Genetics, however, do no guarantee that an individual with a family history of drug addiction will become an addict. This is because there is no single gene, which has been identified to be responsible for passing the addictive trai...

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... has fewer physical symptoms. However, one may experience more psychological and emotional symptoms. One is, therefore, expected to be patient, have self-care, relax, and carry on with the flow so as to finish the stage. In conclusion, drug addiction is caused by various factors such as family background, peer pressure, and mental illness among others. People take drugs to feel relaxed, and reduce stress among other reasons. However, excess taking of drugs can lead to drug addiction or drug addiction which causes body damage and maybe even lead to death. This paper has succeeded in looking at the various factors which cause drug addiction, some of which are family history of addiction, social environment, heredity, mental addiction, peer pressure, and escapism (Heymann and Brownsberger). The paper has also highlighted the physical addiction, symptoms and withdrawal.
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