Psychology: Case Study: Ted Bundy

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Case Study on Ted Bundy Before being formally executed, the gruesome murder Ted Bundy admitted to raping, soliciting and slaughtering at least 30 innocent women. Ted was born in Vermont to his mother, Louise Cowell in 1946 and soon after relocated to Philadelphia. They resided in Philadelphia for approximately five years before moving to Washington where his mother married a military cook, John Bundy. Ted attended high school and college in Washington; however, during his sophomore year, he transferred to a different college. Ted fell in love and suffered from severe depression when the relationship ended. Ted soon found out that his "sister" was really his mother and his "parents" were his grandparents. He was a man with a bright future ahead of him, attended law school and became the assistant to Washington State Republican Party. Unfortunately, in 1974 one of America 's most notorious murderers began his killing spree that lasted for 15 years. Ted Bundy managed to kill at least 30 innocent women from Utah, Idaho, Washington and Florida. All the women who were murdered shared one similarity, their hair was long and parted directly
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Ted might have felt betrayed, by his family when they lied about their parental standards. Another psychological factor that interests me, was Bundy 's level of IQ, he was a very smart man which made for a very organized killer. Furthermore, Bundy also suffered from voyeurism, which led him to stalk and murder two women on a college campus. Bundy 's manipulative trait also played a key role in his murder spree. He used his charming looks, friendly personality, and high intelligence to manipulate the minds of his victims. All in all, Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious murderers of his time and this case study can be used to identify psychopaths with the same psychological factors as
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